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Did You Know?


Humans are designed to be nasal breathers.  We should all breathe through our nose. All of the time. Day and night.


There is a proper "home" for the tongue inside of your mouth.


Our lips should easily close together.


How you use the muscles of your face may influence the way your face and teeth look and develop.


If you don't use the muscles in the way they were intended, other muscles compensate and create dysfunction (even in your mouth!)


Studies have proven that muscle dysfunction in the face is a common contributor to conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, crooked teeth, and sleep disordered breathing (including sleep apnea).

So what can we do to ensure proper function?


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Common Symptoms of Patients who Benefit from Oral Myofunctional Therapy:

Oral dysfunction may manifest differently in each of us. Here are some common SIGNS and SYMPTOMS to look for:

Physical Symptoms

Chapped lips

Crooked nose

Crooked teeth

Dark under eye circles

Open bite

Open mouth posture

Recessed chin

Tongue Tie

Functional Symptoms


Acid reflux


Bed wetting

Behavioral issues

Chronic ear infections

Difficulty breast feeding

Difficulty swallowing pills


Dry mouth

Frequent cavities


Gum disease

Messy eating

Mouth breathing

Nasal congestion

Open mouth chewing

Picky eater

Poor sleep

Speech limitations

Teeth Clenching

Tongue Thrust

It is key to remember that just because something is COMMON,

 it does NOT mean it is NORMAL!

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