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myofunctional therapy services


Personalized Care Regimens

Habit Elimination

Programs for clients looking to eliminate oral habits such as pacifier use and  thumb/finger sucking.

Comprehensive Therapy Packages

All-inclusive individualized programs with the goal of full proper oral function remediation.

Pre and Post Frenectomy Care

Support and guidance to achieve optimal healing results from the procedure.

MyoMunchee Mentor

Instruction for incorporating a Munchee appliance into daily regimens to achieve oral and overall health benefits.

Collaboration Quarterback

Pre-therapy services intended for clients suspicious of oral dysfunction, but who need preliminary guidance and support to prioritize care, including direction in assembling dynamic health teams.

MiniMyo Program

Individualized programs designed for clients ages 2-5 to address early signs of oral dysfunction and to establish plans to support long term healthy oral development.


The information on this website is in no way considered to be medical advice, and is in no way intended to treat, cure or prevent any disease, symptom or condition. Medical advice should be obtained from an appropriately qualified and licensed medical professional. Please consult with your doctor before you begin any fitness, exercise, nutrition, or weight loss program, or any other change in lifestyle.

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