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Did You Know?

Humans are designed to be nasal breathers.  We should all breathe through our nose. All of the time. Day and night.

There is a proper "home" for the tongue inside of your mouth.

Our lips should easily close together

How you use the muscles of your face may influence the way your face and teeth look and develop.

If you don't use the muscles in the way they were intended, other muscles compensate and create dysfunction (even in your mouth!)

Studies have proven that muscle dysfunction in the face is a common contributor to conditions such as ADHD, anxiety, crooked teeth, and sleep disordered breathing (including sleep apnea).

So what can we do to ensure proper function?


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Understanding Oral Myofunctional Therapy: Welcome

What is Oral Myofunctional Therapy?

The re-patterning of the tongue, lips, jaw, and facial muscles movements through a series of specialized exercises, nerve stimulation and behavior modification techniques to restore symmetry, tone and proper, normal function.

Simply Put: Physical Therapy for the Head and Neck

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Understanding Oral Myofunctional Therapy: Text

What Does Therapy Look Like?

A series of virtual, real-time 30-minute sessions with personalized instruction and critique that guide a client through their oral function remediation journey.

Understanding Oral Myofunctional Therapy: Text
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Goals of Therapy

Each client's journey may be different, but the goals of oral myofunctional therapy are the same for everyone:

Lip Seal

Nasal, diaphragmatic breathing

Proper tongue rest posture

Correct chewing and oral phase swallowing patterns

Understanding Oral Myofunctional Therapy: Text
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